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tv   News4 Today  NBC  March 23, 2019 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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today. definitely blustery out there right now because those temperatures are still in the s. windchills are in the 20s. west sustained wind at about 20 miles an hour. th're going to be between 10 and 20 sustained winds. but gusts up , 40 miles an hour. so that's going to be possible as we continue through your tsaturday. buperatures are warming up because, look. we've got blue skies out behere. tiful conditions out there throughout the entire day. so again, ttures are going to move right on up. ighsto mid-50s for daytime today. again, plenty of sunshine. but we will have those winds with us. they'll start to settle down about 6:00 or 7:00 tonight. dry right now. you can see not a lotng happe throughout the -- really the eastern part of the united states. there's the system that passed through yterday up to the north and east. but this sp our next system. headed our way. we'll let you know whe rain arrives because we will see rain out of that. that's all coming up in just a little bit. >> all right. thank you very much the wait is over. after almost two years, special
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counsel robert mueller's russia investigation is done with no new indictments. that's an important part here. his report now in the hands ofe attorneyal william barr. but it's already setting off a new battle over how much of is going to be become public. blayne alexander begins our coverage this morning. >> with special counsel robert mueller's investigation officially over, the new estion hanging over washington, what is inside that report and how much will attorney generalr william b release? >> it may be there'll be particular aspects of theeport that don't become public because they're classified or they touch on other sensitive national security matters. >> reportero barrsing transparency in a letter telling congress he may be able to brief them as early as this weekend on ugincipal conclusion. but that's not e for top democrats. >> i think the demand of the public is overwhelming to see the report when it'sch a serious matter and it will be made public. >> if the justice depn'tment do release the whole report or tries to keep parts of it
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secr, we will certainly subpoena the parts of the report and we will reserve the right to call mueller or to testify before the committee or subpoena him. >> reporter: mueller's investigation has led to indictments of 34 people including 6t with dir ties to president trump. before its release, president trump again taking a swipe at mueller's investig >> there was no collusion. there was no obstruction. it.ybody knows it's all a big hoax. >> reporter: president trump's attorneys writing in a statement, they are pleased with the report has been turned over. blaiyne alexander, nbc news, washington. well, our team coverage of the special counsel report s. contin nbc's justice correspondent pete williams joining us here live on the desk. always goodo see you. look, i know you can't look into your crystal ball. what sense do you get of anything that is in this report? i ymean, it's rea hard to
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pinpoint, but do you have a sense of what might be in there? >> well, w c know fortain that the report has to do what the special counsel regulationst say it that is to say robert mueller has to run down who he prosecuted. now we know the4 people he brought charges against and who he didn't prosecute and why. now, it's that part that is the most sensitive part for the justice department. unrormal justice department rules, the government doesn't make public people who were investigated and never charged for the simple reason it's not fair. they have no chance to defend themselves. so at least it does that. how ,ch more it do we'll have to wait and see. it appears william barr says the saying ineneral is this letter that he sent to the hill last night that he may be ab to begin telling congress at least about those bare bones parts of mueller's report by this weekend. perhaps as early as today.
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we should know within t coming hours if that's going to happen or not. but as to the broader things that may be in t mueller report, in his letter barr says 's going to consult with robert mueller, the special counsel, t andhe deputy attorney general rod rosenstein whohi supervised investigation and get their views on how much more he can say. >> now, canal attorney gen barr kind of pick and choose things from there? does he have a legal responsibility to kind of release the report in full as it is? >> so he has no legal responsibility to release the reportitself. the special counsel rules are very narrow. the only report that he's required to give congress is to tell them whether the attorney general, whether the justice department, ever blew the whistle, ever said stop, showed red card to anything these specl co wanted to do. now we know the answer to that. in his left last night to t hill, barr said no. never countermand anything the special counsel wanted to
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do. that's all he's required to do. anrr says he gets it. he under the intense interest in knowing what this report says and he wants to share as much information as possible. consistent with those rul and regulations of the justice department. >> s are yprised the president hasn't tweeted or said anything so far? >> i think they're as curious as anybody to know what's in the report. they don't want toprejudge it. they don't want to say something that would get them in trouble later. it's early yet for tweets maybe. >> you nev know with the president, right? you never know if he's just waiting to do a and then the last question is, you know, so manyongressional leaders have said on both sides they'd like to see what's in feel it might vindicate the president. others feel itig indict the president. can congress at any point call in er the attorney general or the special counsel in to -- if they don't feel they're getting the anfyers, to tes to do something like that? >> they can always try. you can be sure that they will
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try to subpoena anything that they don't get that they f tl they hav have. now, that's going to go to court. they don't automaticin that. as for getting baa r to testify, i'm sure he'd be willing to testify. how far he's willing to say is a question. and the congressional leaders have said if they're not satisfied, they may ask mueller himself to testify. we'll have t see what they say. mueller is certainly under no obligation to testify. >> i guess we'll have to wait and see how much comes out. >> more waiting and seeing. >> nbc news justice correspo here.ete williams keep it here on news4 for continuing coverage of the report. counsel's again, it's possible the attorney general could give congress details as soon as this weekend. for all the up-to-the-minute information, npen the washington app as well. plus we're going to have more developments in our next halur all right. turning to some other local news, new this morning a man was rushed to the hospital after
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being shot in fairfax county. police were brookfield plaza last night. they found one man wounded with seriou injuries we're told this has happened in the parking lot at the plaza there where several people were nearby. police do tell us no arrests have been made so far. we are staying on top of this and we'll of course post the latest in the nbc washington app. all right. this wk marks one year since that great mills high school shting in st.mary's county. last night a community came together to honor 16-yr-old jaelynn willey. she was gunned down in the hallway by her ex-boyfriend. our smari stone spoke to mourners trying to keep her memory alive. >> reporter: a candle light vigil to remember the life of 16-year-old jaelynn will. >> just to see us all come together.or >> rr: gavin loudoun and high school ls
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community is heartbroken. >> it a feels like pain you'll have to wake up to every morning. >> reporter: it was about a year ago when police say jaelynn's rollins sho austin her in the hallway at school. another student 14-year-old desmond barnes was hit in the leg but managed to make his way into a classroom and call 911. gavin udoun's sister was at the school. >> i wish i could have been there and down something. i think everybody thinks the same. >> reporter: school resource officer blaine gaskill ran towards the gunfire and shot rollins' gun. rollins then took his own life. >> it becamlternate reality we can never go back to and change if for some of us we have dinished sense of security and innocence. >> reporter: but some people tell me the community is together and close. >> just knowing there's
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>> i not mean that her light goes out. >> reporter: jaelynn leaves behind a mother, father, and eight siblings. people in this community behindm me tell that they will continue to keep the family in their prayers. in st. mary's county, i'm shomari stone. news4. little bit closer to the dmv area,he traffic troubles continue on the gw parkway this morning. part of the busy roadway still closed because of that massive sinkhole. derri derrick, what are they saying about a potentialfix? >> reporter: well, it looks like it's going to be like this through the weekend. but monday is the best estimate about when it will be open to at least some traffic. now, we're talking about a section of the parkway between where we are here at 123 cambrie road and the beltway. while you were sleeping, crews did some serious work on this pothole. this massive hole.
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it's actually a and what they're doing is repairing a drainage pipe. this is a massive60-year-old storm water pipe that ruptured. you know, it's about aew feet bigger, deeper, and wider than a grave. and it'sctlly near the dead run trail just inside the oltway. this is the northbound side where things are being affected. usually during the week, about 70,000 people use that route. of courseubstantially less during the weekend. that is the saving grace. nonetheless, on a gny over the getting tired of these potholes and sinkholes. it's actually getting to those drivers. >> it's been a total nightmare. total nightmare. the whole road is pothole plagued and then this big gnt pothole. this is a disaster. >> reporter: now, t southbound lanes were affected briefly yesterday. lost one southbound lane. we understand that things are actually somewhat flows smoothly through there now. but again, it'sikoing to be
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this during the weekend. monday they hope to have at least so traffic flowing through that area as they deal with this infrastructure issue.a live here along route 123 cambridge road. derrick ward, news4. >> thank you very much for that update. antime, in jus couple of days, the capitals plan to visit the white house to celebrateeyheir staup victory. but star goalie braden holtby is not going to be there. he says he won't be joining them to meet with president trump. he's choosing not to go to stay true to his .va he went on to say his support of the lgbtq community was one of the man factors for his decision. holtby says while he will not attend, he respects other players who are choosing to go. >> o i think team, we're trying to take the most professional way we can. give every player their right to choose and stand by each and every one of rdless of what you decide.
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>> t.j. oshie and john carlson have said they will go to the white that meeting will be in the oval office. >> time right now is 9:12. still ahead o news4 today, a community in alexandria comes together toember an officer killed in the line of duty. we're going to show you how honoring his memory. stick around.
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welcome lck. of raking with mulching, planting, andg cleant charlie hill park. that park is named after a police officer kled 30 yea ago. police officers who weren't even born yet helped in that cleanup. arthey say hill is pt of the family even though they didn't know him personally. some officers on the s.w.a.t.
9:15 am
team who are now retired also join in to help. hill was killed during a hostage situation on hop kans court. tsuspect holding a man aun point there. even though police hit the suspect in the heart, he managed to fire off a few rounds and hill was killed. another officer was injured. hill had been on the alexandria force for 13 years. one of his sons who was just 7 at the time is now one of alexandria's finest. good for him. time now is 9:15. thousands of cans of food are heading to loudoun county food pantry. the students competed in an annual competition creating projects from canned goods. this year's theme was buildings and landmarks. >> it's really awesome for us to contribute to loudoun hunger relief. not only do they give to people
9:16 am
locallyhey keep it year round. >> they donated over 2,000, you know,ifferent items to different clubs here. yeah, i'm really pleased with this. >> so the timing couldn't be better for this activity and for the competition because a lot of people think about donating in the fall andround the holidays. but they don't think as much about donating in the spring and ursummer. and demand certainly is the same during that time frame if not a little bit mor when kids are out of school. >> very cool stuff there. this is the fifth year of the competition. let'spen up thewindow, take a live look outside right now at national harbor. man, you can see the waves there gettingto pushed on shore by the winds. lauryn ricketts has our saturday forecast after the break. plus it's time to celebrate the gift of trees. the cherrylossom festival begins today. begins today. we're going to look ♪
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. we are talking about the cherry blossom festival, if you can believe it. it's happening today. the opening ceremony of the fe sival. you ca japanese performers and live music, all that fun begins later this evenin at 5:00 at the warner theater in northwest d.c. buto we have some potential bad news for the blossom trees in the district. have never heard of this, lauryn ricketts. a beaver was spotted in
9:20 am
southwest d.c. no big deal, right? but they're bad for trees. they eat the trees. you see, this was in thegt wash channel, this beaver here. it's even got a nickname. >>stin beaver. so stupid. >> 20 years ago -- listen to this. it's a serious issue. 20 years ago a family of beavers gnawed on nine of the trees along the tidal basin according to "the washington post." and this guy justin beaver might go after se of these trees. so we got to track down justin beaver. i mean, this is ridiculous. >> this is crazy. >> justin beaver will not ruin my cherry blossom festival. >> get out of here justin beaver. >> i will personally go get him. >> i didn't know there was a family -- how long ago? 20 years ago? >> 20 years ago. it wastiefore your . >> not really. i was in high school but yo rm th -- i don't remember that. >> beserious. >> it's hard to be serious. >> but they're starting to bud. >> they're almost there, yes.
9:21 am
they're not there yet. stop looking at my face like thatge almost to s three. and temperatures are going to be in the low 60 so we're going to start to see them blossom a little bit more. then we hit a cold day on tuesday. back into the upper 40s. but then we warm -- we're in the wes next end. i gave away the whole forecast. >> that's fine. >> but we've got rain. stay with me. let me tell you when that rain's going to happen. justin beaver. >> i know, right? >> you're right. i've never heard anything about a aver kind of -- you know killing the cherry blossoms. beautiful day out there. it would be great if the cherry blossoms were blossoming right now except for the wind we've got blsky blue skies. and the trees haven't flourished yet. we are probably headed to stage three ptltty sh if you want head out to get that car wash, take your chances. showers com on monday. so it's going to be a great weekend to do it.
9:22 am
but we've got some showers, some rain on monday. current temperatures, no rain out there right now. no snow, no hail like we saw yesterday. yesterday was insane. now we just have thewinds. but we do have some pretty chilly temperatures. you factor in that wind and this is what it feels like outside. feels like winter outside with windchills in the 20s and low 30s. now, we stay breezy all throughout the i do believe the winds will die down a little bit here and tre as we get into the afternoon. start to diminish after we get about 7:00, 8:00. is degrees for daytime highs today. at times out there, but blue skies. nothing happening around our area. he system that passed through our regionyesterday, now up to the new england area. high pressure building in froma zjsh canada. clockwise aroundigh pressure. so it kind of creates thisd little w tunnel and we get some stiff windshe out of
9:23 am
northwest. as that area of low pressure moves away this afternoon, winds will start to relax. the ext system out in midwest, that's going to bring us rain. but not until tomorrow night. going to be fine with temperatures inhe low 60s. here comes the rain we're talking about. could see a few showers after 8:00 p.m. but again, mainly some showers on monday. just light stuf nothing like we saw yesterday. but we will have some rain around for you monday. temperatures in the mid-50s on monday. and then as whr gogh this work week, we've got temperatures rising. but look at tuesday. cha little ly. now look at the weekend, next weend. back iekn
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well, adam, you could be a millionaire by monday. the jock pat for potonight's wer ball drawing is worth more than a half a billion dollars. >> we saw people picking up tickets. matching all the numbers getting you a whopping 625 million bucks. what's the lump sum? >> $380 it was in the prompter. >> it was right there for you. $380 million. no one has hit the power ball jackpot since the day after >>christmas. wow. so we should start playing today? while eyes are locked on basketball because it's march madness, a broadcasting legen stepped back into the spotlight thursday night.
9:27 am
>> an incredible honor for those in the announcing booth and those in the stands. >> you don't mind if i bite into this burrito right now, do you? oh, my gosh. oh, that is delicious. >> noe while you eating -- >> alex, get into that rrito. >> i want him in here. i want him to come in here with a huge burrito. fake broadcaster ron burgundy brought some class and a glass of milk to the l.a. kings announcing booth last night. in case ykn didn't , he's kind of a big deal. >> i love ron burgundy. comedian will ferrell reprised his role to help calling the game. after the movie, he wanted to go to espn. or it was a youtube thin he interjected long personal stories into the game no matter how excitinghe action was. i bet people were pumped about that. >> i don't know if everybody
9:28 am
knows, but he's based off a real newscaster. and some people that we work have wked with the actual ron burgundy. >> i can't wait to hear who that is. >> eating a burr ritoburrito. >> that's so great. let's check into lauryn's department. a little bit windy. >> nailed it. called for the wind. >>
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9:30 o this saturda morning. here's what we're following for you on news4 today. specuel counsel roberter has turned in his report into russia's possible interference into the 2016 presidential election. we are following the ltsest developm more people coming forward saying that they were victims of a suspected serial rapist. and in march madness, we take a look at some of the teams that are still dancing. some teams about to tip off very soon. welcome in, good saturday morning to you.k thu for being here with us. i'm adam tuss in for david. let's get a check of your forecast with lauryn ricketts. a bit breezy overnight. >> that was that system we saw existing our area moving right up the eastern seaboard. and bringing snow now to portions of maine. so areas saw some snow
9:32 am
yesterday. if you were up at the higher elevations, y. saw some sn and it kind of looked like a winter wonderland around here because we had hail yesterday with the severe thunderstorm. the weather w wacky yesterday afternoon. today not so much. but we're dealing with the repercussions of it. so today grab that windbreaker. if you still have one. otherwise grab a jacket. sunday we need to light jacket. temperatures are going more springlike. monday we've got rain showers and tuesday it'll feel more like winter. windchills out there right now in the 20s and 30s. it is going tbe blustery all throughout the day. we'll talk about rainur coming o way and time it out for you beginning of the work week coming up. >> thank you. meantime, we want to get to the big story o the day. our coverage of the special counsel's robert continues this morning. that report is now in the hands of attorney general william barr. was submitted yesterday by robert mueller.
9:33 am
here's what we know so far. details from the mueller report have been sent to the attorney general office. rudy giuliani and the president's legal team says they will take a look at mueller' findings. they're seeking an early look at that. he writes that he may advise them on the report as soon as this weekend. white house press secretary sarah sanders says they have not yet been briefed on that report. there's some fierce political action this morning andon reac lawmakers on both sides want the attorney general to arelease much information as possible to congress and to the american people. democrats runs for president are th ones calling the cloudest for the full report to be released. >> that report needs to be made public. the underlying evidence that supports that report should be made public. dand the white house shoot be allowed to interfere in any
9:34 am
way in interpreting or e.esenting the information to the american peo >> it is absolutely imperative that the trump adminis tation mat report public as soon as possible. >>again, the justice department could release some of the il de this weekend. as a result of the 22-month investigation, there have been several indictmts with a few having direct ties to president trump. here's a timeline of that. in october 2017, former tru campaign chair paul manafort was indicted. in february2018, mueller ndicted nationals for interfering with the selection. in april the fbi raided the home andffice of the former personal attorney michael cohen. and manafort was sentenced to about 7 1/2 years for a variety of crimes iluding conspiracy and fraud. supporters of president trump are taking a victory lap because so far no one has been indicted
9:35 am
for colluding with russia and mueller's team has not made any recommendations furtherohe investigation. as chuck todd explained on news4 at 6:00, indictments can still come from cases that mueller has turned over to other authorities. >> it is possible that the work -- there could be indictments based on the investations he's done, based on the work he's done. but no more indictments from him. and there appears to be no new sealed indictments. thereat doesn't mean isn't old indictments that may get unsealed somewhere else. is attorney in the district handling roger stone. sdny, they have bunch of these. eastern district of virginia have handled some of mafort and assange. there are pieces of it already in the system. >> now, indictments could also possibly come from probes launched by congressional democrats. meantime, more people arewa coming f saying they were
9:36 am
victims of a suspected serial rapist. julian everett is accused of at least three rapes over the last 14 years. prince george'su county bur chief tracee wilkins was at the bond hearing. >> reporter:ulian everett will stay behindars after a judge agreed he's a threat to the community. he' accused of raping at least three women in the last 14 years. >> he looks forward to clearing his name after a trial in this case. >> reporter: police saying an anonymous letter promisear prompted a ong investigation. in 2001 he was convicted of an armed kidnapping connectedo a sex assault in d.c. in 2005 he was convict of a sex assault in virginia. n n now. nt >> it's imporor this person to be held without bond and we are very satisfied that the judge did so.
9:37 am
>> reporter: police say everett who owns the signature barbershop in d.c. would pose as a younger man on social med luring women in. >> this would lead to a date. during the course of ttet he would offer them a beverage to drink. they would do so. >> reporter: police say everett would then sexual assault the women. it was revealed that calls from new potential victims have been coming in on the tip p lineice set up exclusively for this case. >> after a trial in this case, we're not goi to be commenting any further. we're going to try our case in the courtroom and not thea. me >> reporter: prince george's county police still want to hear tims for ntial v information on how to contact them. go to our nbc washington app or our website. again, they have an exclusive tiine set up just for this case. i'm tracee wilkins, news4. >> thank you very much. this weekend you're probably going to wantavo d the gw parkway. a major stretch of that road is still shut down because of that
9:38 am
maive sinkhole. our derrick ward is live with more on the closure. ick, are they saying th water was the main cause here? >> reporter: yeah, it was a drainage pipe. this is one of those infrtructure issues that are sadly becoming so familiar with now. they expect to have this one settled by monday. we're seeing this is the site of some confusion. people are not aware of this. some are pulling over to reset their gps and work their way around. there is some significant success that's been made. while we were asleeping with crews were working. they were out in the elements and made some repairs on this sinkhole. again, this is a 60-year-old drainage pipe that ruptured and caused this hole that's just about, a little bit bigger than a grave nearhe dead run trail. it's just inside the beltway in
9:39 am
the northbound lanes. 70,000 motorists use this route every weekday. not so much o the weekend, but you know, we're seeing this on a lot of federal roads. the bw parkway, the clara barton parksey. they're alng signs of wear. and, you know, what they're dealing with is the- what they're dealing with is close to a billion dollars worthfe of ed maintenance on these roadways. so they have to kind of beti re. we are expecting some closures. and you're already seeing some slowdowns on thebw parkway. as for this route, it will be open to at least some lanes of traffic by monday. that's what the park service is telling us. they made some significant repairs,ut expect some delays if you are coming through this area any time between now and next week.
9:40 am
we are live onid cam road near the gw parkway northbound. back to you. >> thank you very much, derrick, updatee meantime, let's go dancing. to southness taking us carolina now. the university of virginia basketball team made the wrong kind of history last season when they became the first number one seed to lose to a 16 seeded kteam. and ynow at the beginning of last night's game looked like history might repeat itself. the cavaliers were taking on gardner-webb and uva was down by 14t one point in the first half. but in the second half, the cavs able to save the season and come back to cruise to a 15-point victory. cavaliers won't getuch rest. they're set to take on for a spot in the sweet16. in just a few hours, the terps take on lsu at 12:10. then sunday virginia tech and liberty face off. the winner there wily lik face duke in the next round. if you can't catch the game,
9:41 am
tune into news4 at 6:00 and recap.all weekend for a time right now is 9:40 on this saturday morning. still ahead on news4 today, buying organic or conventional fruits and vegetables. one group names its dirty list when it comes
9:42 am
9:43 am
hey. it is set to be one of the biggest bank mergers ever in the country. bb&t and suntrust banks are going to merge. a virginia based community thinks this will hurt rur communities in the state. is despite the pushback, it's liking likeer ther is still on track. if you are headed out to do some grocery shopping on this sunday morning, listen to this. th dirty dozen and clean 15
9:44 am
list. now, the dirty dozen features produce with the most pesticide residue. they say strawberries followed by spinach and kale, nectarines and apples rounded out the top five. meantime, produce with the least pesticide including avocado, corn, pineapple, peas, and onions. despite this, it's said 99% of samples have pesticide levels set by the government. let's take a look outside as we open up thewindow. other look at the national harbor here as the wind is pushing the waves onto shore. it's been windy all night. it's been windy all night. will that calm down and how
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there's a new plan in prince george's county to make dangerous stretch of road a bit safer. elected officials are callini theative driving it home. hey want to raise awareness about the potential dangers while cruising on the indian head highway. >> reporter: indian head highway is notoriously dangerous. it's been the site of devastating crashes over the years claimingen dof lives. even small children. some avoid ts stretch all
9:48 am
together. >> the traffic sometimes is.oo mu i can't be bothered with going up and down that road. >> reporter: there's a speedme cara, signs, and warnings, but what will it take to road safer? elected leaders say there needs to bee a chan thinking. >> we want to make a cultural change. this is not about a road. the road doesn do it. it's people's decisions when they're on the road. >> reporter: theyarheaded a new initiative called driving it home. it stresses seat belt use, texting, distractions, drunk driving, highway speed, and aggressive drivince >> enfnt is not the answer. it's a piece, but it's not the answer. we all need to put our phones do . we all need to slow down. >> we cannot effectively do our jobs without you. so if you see ysomething, see someone texting, swerving all over the road, sleeping,di sp excessively. call us. let us check it out, please. >> reporter: they're starting in the schools where teens are taowng a safety pledge to fo the rules. >> i know that when i am
9:49 am
driving, i am j nott responsible for myself but for others in the car with me and everyone else on the road. >> reporter: drivers we spoke to agree that iroving highway safety is all in the hands of those who are behind the wheel. >> they should address it. it's a little fast once in awhile outhere. i'm glad they're looking into it. >> if you're thinking about your family and everything that's going on that you want tooome home t your family, you'll pay attention to what you're doing. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news4. well, to promote safety, officers have increased police patrols in an effort to get drivers to slow down there. and it's needed. check this out. what a differe is day makes. this was yesterday. this was tysons. looks like hail or snow on the windshield but it's aually graupel. which is basically aom cbination of snow and ice also known as snow pellets. >> awesome.>> yeah, awesome unless your car is getting pelted. this is another video from one
9:50 am
of our viewers. all of this in falls church. a cool and unusual weather event for peoplecross our area. d you, like, geek out when you see that? you're like, my gosh, it's graupel. >> it was funny because at first i wnte it instagram. is it hail or snow or both and then i was like i haven't at anything because i was off yesterday. so i erased that quickly. then i got the text saying it's grl. grau so what happens is it's super cool. as a snow flake is fallin the water droplets around it will freeze intoes a ice pelt et. that's what graupel is. we had severe thunderstorm warnings yesterday from montgomery coull the way to mair fax. >> yeah. i was in mcclain. >> it was crazy. and you said you saw lightning. >> tons of it. >> i didn' see much lightning yesterday, but i was also inside. but it was nuts. you know, i looked at our temperature yesterday. it was 53 degrees. i know doug and amelia had their
9:51 am
hands for yesterday with all of the graupel. we got some snow in the higher elevations. we had winter storm warnings yesterday at the high elevations of blue ridge mountains. craziness. good news is, not that today. we've got winds from that system that exited our area. so that system is now on thear w england. and that's what's bringing us some gusty winds along with high presre pushing in fromhe west. as we go through your sunday, we've got sun but light wind. we just have windy conditions. showers on monday andhen into tuesday, the whil returns. back in the 40s on tuesday. current temratures out there right now 30s, low 40s. down to the south. he main chill, this is thing. what it feels like outside. it still feels like in the 20s and 30s right now across the entire region. out in western maryland feeling like the single digits. just know when you walk outside, it's going to be little brisk.
9:52 am
i do think the winds are going to relax a little bit as weho throhe afternoon, we still have the potential to see some gusts up to 30 miler an hour. teures will be in the mid-50s for daytime highs today. and again,othing happening o the radar right now. the system that moved through our area, here it ishe in new england region. area of low pressure. winds wrap around this counterclockwise. ockwise for high pressure. canadian high pressure is building in for us. between these two competing pressures, we get this wind tunnel. that's what's bringing down thesety northwest winds. now, area of low pressure is going to continue to mosey onto the north and east throughout day. so that'll relax this gradient a little bit. where we'll start to see those winds gradually die down. really not settling dow until about 7:00 p.m. tonight. our next system inhe midwest ll be knocking on our door late tomorrow night. tomorrow you get sunshine good portion of the day. low 60s, light wind.
9:53 am
sunday's going to be gorgeous. after 8:00 p.m., could see showers across the area. anything we see monday will be light. then we'll keep showers around through the evening commute but moving outy mon night. then tuesday full sunshine. we're in the 50s on but those temperatures go up from there. 60s thursday and friday. pretty quiet this week. next chance of rain and maybe a few thundes next sunday. doesn't look that impressive right now, but we'll keep an eye on it.
9:54 am
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9:56 on this saturday morning. here are four things you need to know. the ceremony of the cherry festival beginningda gw parkway still closed because of that massivenk le. no traffic in the northbound lanes. the closure is expected to last through the weekend. a man was rushed to the hospital after being shot in fairfax county. police say it happened in a parking lot at brookfield plaza in springfield late last>night. >>nd the big news of the day,ci the spe counsel report into russian meddling is now in the hands of the attorney general. keep up to date on all of the develoents with o nbc washington app.
9:57 am
a bit bezy today but not too bad. >> no graupel today. >> we've learned about graupel. >> we did. listen, temperatures mid-50s, low to mid-50s for daytime highs today. so it'll be breezy. low 60s nfor tomorrow, light winds. chilly tomorrow morning but otherwise light winds through the day. showers on monday and quiet next week. avidll we can hope is that culver had a nice day off today. >> yeah because you're going to be back tomorrow. >> yeah. thanks, ks so everybody joining us today. have a great satday. . symbol you know you're
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